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Therapy? Misunderstood or Misrepresented

"Raise of hands, if you're black, do you first seek talking to a therapist or pastoral directive? Come on, be honest."

The constant presence in our community is our spirituality and connectiveness to the creator. When things go array, beyond what is perceived to not be in our control, we tend to lean on 2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by faith, not by sight." We embrace the confidence in placing our burdens upon the Lord. But as in James 2:14-26 "faith without works is dead."

We must be present and one with our body in order for our souls to be fully renewed. And that precursor is the mind; it has to be healthy in order for our lives to bear the fruit it desires.

One of the primary barriers to our community seeking professional mental care is the stigma surrounding mental illness, and the lack of black and brown mental health professionals that can connect with the generational traumas that we inherited and live. We are burden with the belief that black is "strength" and to seek help, ultimately is a sign of weakness.

"We must remember that pride is the barrier to growth!"

So the misrepresentation in the mental health industry increases the mental distress the black and brown community continuously has. So one may ask, "what do you do when that inflictor of oppression, racism, disparities, etc., becomes the face and voice behind your sanity?" Would you have the confidence believing they have your best interest is at heart, if their beat and cadence is born different to fully understand your woes?

We must rid ourselves from the notion that we can fix ourselves through prayer alone. It is important to recognize the dangers of prolonged mental illness, and seek a mental health professional that specializes in the types of care that you are truly in need of, consistently.

Just take a moment and hear me out.. sometimes, just sometimes... we need the opposite directive of what we have for so long been guided to believe is culturally appropriate, and understand the mind needs to repair, reset and release the proper signals with therapy.

If you need assistance with finding a licensed therapist that connects with your traumas, please let us know!



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